• Aircraft type

Mil Mi-171A2 (2022)

Base data
Type:Helicopter (Turbine)
Year built:2022
Attributes:IFR certified
IFR equipped
Always hangared
Commercially registered
EU-OPS 1 registered
Location:Russia, Kazan, UWKD
Total Time (TTAF):1 h
Price:US$ 28,000,000
No. of passengers:2+24
Number of engines:2
Make/Model:Klimov VK-2500PS-03Klimov VK-2500PS-03
Power:2800 PS2088 PS
Description/Details of engines

Excellent capabilities

Thanks to the improved performance of the VK-2500 engine the helicopter ceiling increases by 30%, the rate of climb by 50% and the payload, depending on the helicopter model, by 1,000 – 2,000 kg. The engine also improves the speed and maneuverability of the helicopter. Accordingly, the aircraft gain fundamentally new qualities for operation in the mountains as well as in areas with a hot climate.

Improved Safety

Should one of he engines fail, the flight safety is greatly enhanced owing to the emergency power feature (2700 hp) of the VK-2500 engine.

Flexible power options and trouble-free maintenance

The engine can be adjusted to use any of the three horsepower options available depending on the customer’s preference. This choice helps take full advantage of the helicopter’s features as well as save fuel.

The Klimov Company provides a full range of support services including the overhaul of VK-2500 engines. In fact, TV3-117 engines delivered for repair or overhaul may be upgraded to VK-2500 for a drastic improvement in helicopter performance.

Developed in 2001
Power class – 2500 hp
Installed on modified Mi-17 and Ka-32 helicopters, as well as on Mi-28, Ka-52 and Mi-35 modern fighter helicopters
VK-2500 engines are installed on helicopters that serve mountain rescue units of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.
VK-2500 engines as components of a MI-17-V5 power plant passed tests in the mountains of Tibet.
The service life of a VK-2500 may reach 9,000 hours.
A perfect upgrade for helicopters equipped with TV3-117 engines.
Mi-171A2 installed a complex of on-board equipment KBO-17. The complex implements the principle of the so-called “glass cabin”. The KBO-17 consists of four 6×8-inch liquid crystal displays, which display aerobatic and navigation information and data from on-board systems. Data from an external optical viewing system, which covers the front and lower hemispheres of the helicopter, is transmitted to the central 15-inch indicator. The new complex also has a two-channel digital autopilot PKV-171A, modern communications and navigation GLONASS / GPS. A helicopter laser radar is installed on the helicopter, which will provide recognition of a wire with a diameter of 5 mm from a distance of 1000 m, which will significantly increase flight safety at low altitudes.

The new on-board round-the-clock equipment meets the requirements of the search and rescue versions of the Mi-171A2.
The airframe resource of the Mi-171A2 helicopter compared to the Mi-171 (data in brackets) has been increased to 18 thousand flight hours with a calendar resource – as of (7 thousand or 25 years).
Engine life – 9000 hours (4500 hours) with an overhaul life of 3000 hours or 12 years (1500 hours or 10 years).
The main gearbox – 9000 hours (6000 hours) with an overhaul life of 3000 hours or 12 years (2000 hours or 10 years).
Transmission: 12000 hours (3000 hours) with an overhaul life of 3000 hours or 14 years (1500 hours or 6 years).
The resource of the rotor blades: 9000 hours or 20 years (2000 hours or 7 years).

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