The organization of an aircraft flight is a complex and responsible procedure, which directly affects its successful completion. Professionals of Aircraft Tools Consulting are ready to take on the whole scope of work – from development of the optimal route/flight plan and obtaining the necessary approvals/permits for the flight route to visa support of the crew and passengers.

We will take care of all your organizational needs, regardless of the type, size and nationality of your aircraft; the geography and conditions of your flights.

Flight organization

Air navigation support

  • Development/calculation of the optimal route taking into account your tasks, aircraft type and weather conditions.
  • Drawing up, filing and maintenance of the Flight Plan.
  • Drawing up a short/expanded briefing on your flight and delivering it to the crew in a convenient form
  • Provision of up-to-date air navigation data

Meteorological support of flights

  • Providing reliable meteorological information, in a manner convenient for the crew

Approval/receipt of slots at airports

  • Alignment with take-off/landing airports and parking facilities
  • Selection of the optimal airport/landing area for your flight.

Obtaining permits from Russia and other countries

  • Informing the client about the requirements for air space usage documents
  • Obtaining overflight and landing permits from aviation authorities
  • Obtaining permits through diplomatic channels

Ground Handling/Aircraft Maintenance

  • Interaction with airport services
  • Provision of refueling and maintenance of aircraft along the flight route
  • Processing assistance for customs and border formalities

Catering / catering

  • Ordering in-flight catering according to the customer’s wishes
  • Cooperation with the best restaurants in the world
  • Delivery of in-flight catering to the aircraft in the shortest possible time

Crew and passenger handling

  • Visa support
  • Organization of passenger service through VIP lounges
  • Transfer
  • Hotel

Providing crews, escorting and leadership

  • Escorting a Flight Manager
  • Provision of trained crews for aircraft disembarkation around the world
  • Leadership services organization

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