Empty Legs

Empty Legs

Ordering an Empty Legs charter is the most economical way to rent an aircraft in business aviation.

For example, if a passenger from London plans to spend a long time in Moscow, he will order an aircraft for a flight London-Moscow. After such a flight, an empty plane must return from Moscow to its base in London. Such a flight without passengers is called an empty leg.

For business airlines “empty flight” is a loss of potential profit, and for an experienced customer it is a chance to save money by flying with an “airplane of opportunity”! Flight by such aircraft from Moscow to Europe or vice versa will cost 20-30% cheaper!
If the direction of your flight coincides with the route of Empty Legs at least partially, the employees of the Club “Aircraft Tools Consulting” will adjust the destination of the flight according to your order.

To calculate the cost of your flight and the possibility of correcting the route, please contact our managers on +7 (495) 769-4242

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