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Mil “Ansat” (2022)

Base data
Type:Helicopter (Turbine)
Year built:2022
Attributes:IFR certified
IFR equipped
Always hangared
Commercially registered
EU-OPS 1 registered
Location:Russia, Kazan, UWKD
Total Time (TTAF):1 h
Price:US$ 8,500,000
No. of passengers:7+1
Number of engines:2
Make/Model:Pratt & Whitney PW207KPratt & Whitney PW207K
Power:630 PS630 PS
Description/Details of engines
The Ansat is powered by PW 207K Pratt & Whitney Canada 630 h.p. engines and FADEC system that ensures the helicopter can continue to fly if one engine fails.
The Ansat’s avionics, piloting and navigation systems include an on‐board information system, multi‐functional indicators and a failure warning system.
The Ansat has a metal fuselage, composite non load‐bearing parts, and layered fibreglass blades. The hinge‐less main rotor makes it easier to handle and significantly reduces its operating costs.
The multi‐purpose light helicopter Ansat is built to a classic single‐rotor design with a four blade main rotor and a twoblade tail rotor. The Ansat was developed in line with the latest AP‐29 (FAR‐29) Category A regulations, and meets high safety standards. The Ansat comes in different models, one with the latest fly‐by‐wire flight control system and the other with the traditional hydro mechanical control system, with the latter certified by the Interstate Aviation Committee’s Aviation Register (AR, IAC).

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