Aircraft Tools Consulting performs various forms of regular maintenance of aircraft and helicopters:
Maintenance by regular forms;
– Non-destructive testing of structural elements by ultrasonic, eddy current, impedance, magnetic powder methods and capillary flaw detection (penetrating paints);
– routine repair of structural elements and BC components;
– replacement of engines, aircraft and their components, as well as glider components;
– seasonal aircraft preparation in accordance with the instructions of the aviation administration;
– work on the preparation and maintenance of aircraft storage, preparation for flights after storage;
– special maintenance of aircraft;
– works on search and elimination of failures and malfunctions;
– weight measurement and alignment by aircraft types.

Aircraft types to be serviced:
– RRJ-95 (SSJ-100): full range of works;
– CRJ-100/200, Challenger 850: the whole range of works;
– Challenger 300/350: works up to 24 months inclusive.
– Yak-42(D): the whole range of works; 
– Yak-40: the whole set of works.

During the regular maintenance, our clients usually order same time:
• Maintenance and repair of components
• Interior renovation
• Refinement of aircraft

With this integrated approach, aircraft downtime is reduced by several times, allowing owners and operators to save time and money.

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