Aircraft purchased abroad must undergo customs clearance in Russia before they can be registered in Russian Federation.

You do not have to do it yourself. You can entrust Aircraft Tools Consulting specialists with preparation of all necessary documents and organization of customs procedures.

As in any other business, it is preferable to turn to professionals in customs logistics and clearance of planes and helicopters. This way you can save a significant amount of money, time and nerves by entrusting the customs clearance of air transport to a specialized company.

The most pressing issue today is the customs clearance of aircraft owned by Russian airlines or companies engaged in transport services outside the Russian Federation. After these companies have applied to the state authorities for regulation of the rules of movement through the customs territory of the Russian Federation, the Department of Trade Restrictions, Currency and Export Control of the Russian Federation has published the following information:

According to Article 33 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation, aircraft that perform flights are obliged to pass state registration in the State Register of Civil Aircraft of the Russian Federation. After passing this procedure, they are issued with a certificate of state registration. This may be the registration in the State Register of Civil Aircraft of a foreign state for signing an agreement on airworthiness maintenance between the state of registration and the Russian Federation.

This information also applies to other state aircraft (civil and military), which are registered in accordance with the procedure established by the Russian Ministry of Defense in coordination with the authorized bodies that have state aviation units.

The Federal Air Transport Agency of the Russian Federation carries out the registration and keeps the register, as well as issues registration certificates. You can entrust our company with the execution of all necessary documentation, so you do not have to run through the authorities with papers, you just get ready-made documents in the shortest possible time.

To carry out this type of registration, civil aircraft also need to have a certificate of airworthiness (certificate of airworthiness), the procedure for issuing which is established by the Federal Aviation Regulations approved by the Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation dated May 16, 2003. Our specialists will help to execute relevant documents and register the air transport with further permission for its use on the territory of the Russian Federation.

You will be able to save not only time, but also finances, because in the end our services will be much cheaper than the payments you have to make in case of independent execution of documentation.
Department of Trade Restrictions on Foreign Exchange and Export Control believes that for customs purposes, the presentation of a certificate of registration of civil aircraft and certificate of airworthiness of civil aircraft that were issued in the above order ( the order is sufficient for the recognition of goods transported across the customs border of the Russian Federation ( the vehicle is a product of general civil purpose, which does not need to obtain additional confirmation of the status of goods that are not under the control of the Russian Federation).

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