The effective protection of property interests related to the possession, use and disposal of an aircraft is the Fully Comprehensive insurance.(KASKO) The insurance cover is applicable during the operation or parking (storage) of your aircraft.

Insurance risks:

– aerodrome fire;

– collision of an aircraft with a ground (surface) obstacle, foreign bodies in the atmosphere;

– damage to the aircraft by natural hazards;

– fire on board an aircraft;

– engine(s) failure;

– aircraft control system failures (accident);

– failure of means of communication and radio technical support of flights, which resulted in the flight performance;

– aircraft collision with birds;

– explosion;

– person being lost.

The rate shall be calculated individually and account shall be taken of the aircraft type and its technical condition, type, intensity and territory of flight, flight crew experience, location, insurance period and a number of other factors.

The annual rate for this type of insurance for small aircraft will be from 1.45% of the sum insured.

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