Aviation insurance or aviation risk insurance is a range of risks arising from the operation of air transport means and divided into two groups: insurance of air transport means themselves (hull insurance) and insurance of civil liability of air transport means owners to passengers and third parties.
The object of aviation insurance (aviation risk insurance) may be any property interest related to construction, repair, or operation of means of air transport (aircraft, helicopters, etc.).

Aviation insurance may be provided for the following objects:
• aircrafts, civil liability, air carrier crew
• property, liabilities and personnel of airports, aviation technical centers, fueling centers and other independent services and subdivisions of aviation enterprises
• air passengers (mandatory accident insurance).
Aviation risks:
Aircraft insurance (Avia Fully Comprehensive Insurance and General insurance of aircraft) in case of its damage, destruction or lost::
• During the flight or at the parking lot;
• When the aircraft is parked in a hangar;
• In the event of parking maintenance or repair work in technical centers and factories;
• In case of transportation by other means of transport.
Additional costs for aircraft rescue may be included in the coverage.

Insurance of air carrier’s civil liability:
• to third parties;
• in relation to passengers;
• in relation to the cargo owner..
Crew life and health insurance against accidents during the period:
• Flight performance;
• Performing official duties (working hours);
• Round-the-clock, within 24 hours.
Insurance of civil liability of airports:

• Towards third parties for accidents that cause damage to health or property;
• – To aircraft owners and operators;
• – To third parties for airport products.

Life and health insurance for airline personnel against accidents.

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