Aircraft Tools Consulting performs restoration of passenger aircraft interiors in full compliance with current certificates of compliance:

• airstairs repair,
• installation of decorative pads,
• anti-slip coating installation,
• replacement of the doorway wrappers,
• puttying with plastic,
• complex repair of toilets, including installation of new modules;
• gluing of panels (bulwark, inter-window panels, ceilings, etc.) with artificial leather, PDO film,
• spray-painting of panels, polymeric painting of metal parts,
• repair and replacement of floors (including cellular panels),
• partitioning,
• carpet cutting and overlog,
• installing “soft partitions” by sewing curtains and curtains,
• upholstery for chairs of any modification,
• repair and refinement of kitchen equipment, etc..

Aircraft Tools Consulting also performs:

• repair of paint and varnish coating,
• application of service information, logos, inscriptions on the fuselage with both paint and film,
• aircraft branding,
• development of color scheme and individual design of chair upholstery, carpeting, drapes, curtains, etc.
• branded fabrics, carpets delivery

Production of chair covers of any complexity from domestic and imported materials.


• Components repair and renovation
• Passenger’s interiors

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