Aircraft registration number is an identification number assigned to an aircraft upon completion of the procedure for its entry into the aviation registry of a particular state.

Aircraft registration is a mandatory procedure, without it, the operation of an aircraft is impossible.

This procedure is implemented in accordance with the International Convention on Civil Aviation. The registration (onboard) number is usually on the tail fins, but can also be applied to other parts of the aircraft.

It usually consists of a prefix and five symbols: numbers and Latin letters, e.g. RA-12345 for standard aircraft and RA-1234G or RA-1234A for single copies of aircraft (EEVS).

These symbols are used to determine whether an aircraft belongs to a particular state (the aviation registration prefix RA is for the Russian Federation).

All aircraft and helicopters, private, state, military, even the same models, one way or another, differ from each other. Aircraft registration number is the main identifying property.

Aircraft registration requires a certain package of documents, the collection of which is a long and time-consuming procedure.

Aircraft registration can be performed by the specialists of Aircraft Tools Consulting Company, the result of which will be the registration of your Aircraft in the state register of Civil Aircraft of the Russian Federation (or any other state) and in the unified state register of rights to aircraft and transactions with them.

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