In today’s world, the pace of life is extremely intense, especially for people of high rank: business owners, managers of large enterprises, top managers, high-class specialists. Very often it happens that business issues have to be solved in different parts of the world. Constant movements are an integral part of modern business life. And it is important to always be in the right place at the right time.

One of the options for your relocation can be renting an aircraft. Perhaps the main advantage of this solution is independence from the schedule and route of the flight.

After all, you should agree that regular flights are often delayed or cancelled for quite different reasons, and it happens often exactly when you need to be at the right place exactly in certain time.
It is also possible that Airlines flight networks and schedule may not always match your needs in this case renting a private flight is perfect solution. The only possible reason for the delay of a private plane flight is bad weather conditions.

Renting a business class aircraft is a comfortable business jet.

Your personal comfort while traveling can also be one of the reasons to rent a plane. After all, a business jet is not just an aircraft, but a modern, comfortable liner with all the necessary equipment and service on board, which will allow you to relax between meetings, or vice versa:

• to hold negotiations,
• Perform the necessary work,
• to prepare for the meeting.

In any case, renting a business jet guarantees you a high level of service, comfort, and personal space, since only our highly qualified crew will be on board besides you and your guests.
Another important factor for a businessman is his status. Renting a business jet is the best opportunity to raise your status in the eyes of your partners, to demonstrate your financial solvency, thereby gaining their trust, which can have a beneficial impact on the conclusion of the deal and decision in your favor.

How to order a Business Jet?

So, you decided that you just need to rent an airplane How do you do that, and what does it require? The easiest way to do that is to contact the Aircraft Tools Consulting Club.

All you need to know to order a business jet from the Aircraft Tools Consulting Club is:

  1. Your itinerary
  2. Preferred date and time of Departure
  3. Number of passengers on board
  4. Your specific requests

After you contact us in any way convenient for you: fill in the form on the site or call the Aircraft Tools Consulting Club by phone +7 (916) 650 4707 you will be contacted by specialists of the company in the nearest time. We will confirm with you all the details of the upcoming flight, including the aircraft type. The Aircraft Tools Consulting Club will perform all other procedures necessary for your flight organization.

It is possible to Order a business jet of different classes and passenger capacity. In the company’s fleet there are aircraft produced by the companies:

• Dassault Aviation, 
• Hawker Beechcraft, 
• Bombardier Aerospace.

For example, one of the members of the Dassault Falcon family is the Falcon 50 business jet, which can carry 8-9 passengers up to 5,500 km at a cruising speed of 837 km/h. Dassault Falcon family aircraft are very popular and reliable in operation, used for flights of top officials from different countries (Serbia, Australia, Jordan and others).

If you need a faster and more spacious business jet, the Aircraft Tools Consulting Club experts will most likely offer you the Challenger 300, which has a cruising speed of 870 km/h and can take up to 16 passengers on board.

If you want to order a business jet, Aircraft Tools Consulting is the best solution. No matter which aircraft you choose with the Club’s specialists, whether it’s a Falcon 50 or a Challenger 300, or a Hawker family aircraft, you can be sure of comfort, safety and high quality of service.

Other types of aircraft rental:

Corporate Charter

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