EAS .4011.000 is designed to equip helicopters Mi-8, Mi-8MTV, Mi-8AMT, MI-171, MI-172 and their modifications, which are based at the shoreline of open and closed water areas and perform flights above the water surface. The helicopter’s EAS guarantees landing and stay afloat for the time required for deployment of swimming aids and for the crew and passengers leaving the helicopter in case of emergency landing on the water surface.

The emergency drive system consists of main and nose cylinders and 2 gas-fill units. The main balloons are fixed on the main landing gear poles, the front ones – on the fuselage bow. One gas-filling unit consists of two balloons mounted on one frame. The gas filling units are installed in the left cargo sash on the seat box or on the starboard side of the 5H hose.

Taking off weight of the helicopter

up to 12.5 thousand kg

The time of the helicopter afloat

Minimum 30 min

System weight

265 kg

Application temperature

from -20 to 50 ° C

Operating temperature

from -40 to 50 °С

Water surface condition

up to 4 points, at destruction of one section – up to 2 points

Vertical landing speed

Up tp 1,5 m/sec

Horizontal flight speed at the moment of water contact

Up to 35 km/h

Filling time of float

No more than 10 sec

Excessive cylinders pressure


Volume of front floats

2х1,83 ± 0,05 m3

Volume of main floats

2х6 ± 0,3 m3

Working gas


Block charging pressure

20,41 МPа

Filling control


Maximum weight of helicopter in case of emergency landing on water

13 t

Assigned resource

5000 hours or 1 standard operation

Assigned service period

10 years

Regulatory work

·         floats (front and tail)

·         gas supply unit

Once a year, within all operation lifetime

Not applicable, within all operation lifetime

Location of gas supply units in the cargo cabin of the helicopter
Location of gas supply units from the external fuselage of the helicopter

Location of gas supply units in cargo (shortened) helicopter wings

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