Aircraft operation (management)

Aircraft operation (management)

We provide services for the operation and management of aircrafts in both private and corporate use.

Aircraft Tools Consulting is one of the very few companies that has the resources and possibilities to build a professional aircraft control system. You set tasks for us – we solve them!

In conditions of actively developing aviation market the demand for aircraft operation (management) services is growing.

This is primarily due to the fact that aircraft owners are beginning to face new issues during the operation of aircraft and helicopters, the selection of flight and maintenance personnel, monitoring the technical condition of the aircraft, obtaining and renewal of documents necessary for flight performance.

All this is a minor part of the work required for legitimate aircraft use.

Our specialists, for many years now, have been involved in the management and operation of helicopters and aircraft not only in Russia, but also in other countries of the world, such as the USA, China, India, the Philippines, Cote d’Ivoire, etc.

The key to a successful flight is thorough preparation on the land Depending on the situation, Aircraft Tools Consulting uses different instruments and approaches: for example, we choose the country and type of registration, a suitable and proven operator company, in conjunction with or separately from the financing. We do everything to ensure that the ownership of a business jet is efficient and minimally expensive, while acting not as a impersonal intermediary, but as an element integrated into the management structure, which justifies its necessity and usefulness by direct benefit. With Aircraft Tools Consulting, you save time and money and achieve better results at the same time. The privacy policy does not allow Aircraft Tools Consulting to disclose the names of its clients, but we are proud of the growth dynamics of our fleet of wide-body and long-haul business jets under management.

Our clients can count on a full range of aircraft management services, including those such as:

  • Planning and organization of commercial aircraft loading.
  • Provision of a “flag”.
  • Optimization of aircraft ownership and operation budget.
  • Aircraft basing and ground handling organization.
  • Calculation and submission of flight plans (operational flight support).
  • Coordination of takeoffs and landings at points of interest.
  • Conducting scheduled maintenance.
  • Training, retraining and planned advanced training of flight crew and ground handling specialists.
  • Financial and technical audit.
  • Extension of airworthiness certificates and registration with the State Register.
  • Consultations on aircraft financing and insurance.
  • Preparing the aircraft for sale.
  • Organization of the sale and purchase of aircraft.

As you can see, we can do much more than just organize the flight. Aircraft Tools Consulting takes on the whole range of issues related to the maintenance and operation of the aircraft, in order to free clients from routine duties associated with the possession of business jets.

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