If you need support from an independent consultant who will always be on the client side, then contacting Aircraft Tools Consulting is the right solution. We solve any tasks in due time. It is our job to explain the situation in detail, and then to offer the most effective solutions. Aircraft Tools Consulting provides services to aircraft owners on ALL types of audit and gives advice on ALL major issues of aircraft ownership and management.

Among the main services of the company in this direction:

• purchase and aircraft sale Consulting,
• Recommendations on aircraft type selection,
• Overview of primary/secondary markets for Russian and foreign registered aircraft,
• Assistance in registering the aircraft, obtaining licenses and certificates for its operation,
• Technical audit of an aircraft at purchase/sale,
• Assessment of financial costs for aircraft maintenance,
• Recommendations to improve aircraft flight and technical operation efficiency,
• Independent assessment of the technical condition of the aircraft during operation,
• Independent assessment of the condition of the cabin, the interior of the aircraft,
• Evaluation of flight and technical services, crew qualification, etc.,
• Advice in aviation law,
• Analysis of legal and technical documentation,
• Consultations on other issues of aircraft flight and technical operation, aircraft interiors, aircraft modifications and upgrades,
• Advice on effective commercial utilization and optimization of the aircraft management budget,
• Consultations on aircraft personnel selection and management.

As you can see, we provide the comprehensive range of services on any aircraft management and ownership issue.

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