Aircraft Rent

Aircraft Rent

Online rental of Aircraft is a very convenient service provided by the Aircraft Tools Consulting Club. To order an airplane, you only need to fill in the information about the route, time of flight, specify your personal data and the Club’s employees will help you to get the best offers in the market of business aviation and organize flights to any place in the world.

More Details About Private Aviation.

Renting a private aircraft is the temporary hiring of an aircraft by an organization or individual for a specific period of time.

The main advantages of air transport rental from the Aircraft Tools Consulting Club:

• you do not depend on the airline schedule and choose where and at what time to fly;
• you can get anywhere in the world quickly, without long intermediate connections;
• you get a high level of comfort and service according to your criteria;
• speed up customs and passport controls for foreign flights.

A company that constantly uses private business jets, the cost of such a service pays off not only in time savings. The company’s self-image in front of the customers, partners, and employees is significantly improved.

Aircraft Rental Options

There is a great demand for renting a private plane, moreover, the costs can be divided into several legal entities or individuals. It is possible to take airplanes for joint use, and the costs are calculated based on the kilometers and hours flown. This concept has been practiced all over the world for a long time and helps to significantly save the budget.

There are also common variants of the service with and without a crew.

For example, renting an airplane with a crew has an undeniable advantage because you get high-level professional pilots.

Same time the renting price of airplane without a crew will be lower. Many travel agencies provide such a service. But in most cases, these are only small private jets.

Some aircrafts can be rented only with a crew. This way owner tries to protect himself from large financial losses and provide customers with a safe flight.

What Does the Cost Consist of?

Many people confuse the concepts of ordering and renting an airplane, but the costs of each are very different. By renting a plane, you dispose of it for a specified period, while the order provides for a limited number of flights.

The prices for renting an airplane with a crew are calculated individually, taking into account many factors:

• flight range, parking time;
• type of air plane;
• mandatory passenger insurance;
• air navigation fees;
• passenger meals;
• the level of comfort and service;
• accommodation of the crew at the hotel;
• fees at airports;
• the cost of VIP halls at airports;
• providing the bus to the airstairs and de-icing treatment of the outer skin of the aircraft

It is also worth considering escorting the aircraft by a representative of the company, to quickly resolve any issues arising during the flight (changing the route or flight schedule, the number of passengers and other working points).

Focusing on the services provided by the business aviation of the Aircraft Tools Consulting Club, there are different price ranges for a one-time order of a private flight and constant maintenance. If you need to fly regularly, then renting will be much more profitable.

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