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Aircraft Tools Consulting Group is an integrated structure of nine companies providing a wide range of aviation services to the business and civil aviation market worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with regional offices located in Russia, China, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, and the USA. The main services include Aircraft Flight Operations, Aircraft Sales, Helicopter Flight Organizing and Maintenance, Aircraft Maintenance and Repair (MRO), Design, Production, and Installation of VIP aircraft lounges.

EU demands US lift tariffs ‘IMMEDIATELY’ after fulfilling WTO requirements in Airbus dispute

24 Jul, 2020 10:39 RT News

‘Worst months in the history of commercial aviation’: UK airports set to lose over $5 BILLION in revenue this year

22 Jul, 2020 13:38 RT News

South Korea orders airlines to urgently check their Boeing 737 aircraft following FAA warning

25 Jul, 2020 12:54 RT News

Airlines & Airports Issue Stark Warning to European PMs on Inconsistent Approach to Travel Restrictions

31 July 2020 Airlines. magazine

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